Careprost is a cosmetic product that will help make your eyelashes long and beautiful.


Beautiful, long and lush eyelashes after 4 weeks!

Careprost is the best preparation for eyelash growth!

Careprost is the most famous, high-quality and super effective drug for the rapid growth (extension) of eyelashes and / or eyebrows at home. The tangible result from the use of the drug “Careprost” you will see in one month!

The 1st bottle with Careprost eyelash extensions (growth) is enough for about 2.5 months of daily use. And for 16 weeks (1 course), application requires 2 bottles with Careprost. Two to buy more profitable!

With this preparation for growing long eyelashes comes a brush for applying Careprost!

Careprost solution is a therapeutic cosmetic product that was created to improve eyelash growth, make them much longer, thicker, darker, stronger and healthier.

Composition of Careprost: almost completely repeats the composition of Karelash and the best drugs in terms of its ingredients, effectiveness, reliability and even the period of action on the eyelashes. Even the main active substance in Careprost is also Bimatoprost, which not only accelerates the growth of eyelashes, but also prolongs the period of their growth, and also increases the number of eyelashes themselves. And inactive substances: distilled water and stabilizers.

Result from Careprost

After 1 month of daily use of Careprost:

  1. Eyelashes will become 25-30% longer.
  2. The volume of eyelashes will double.
  3. Eyelashes naturally darken by 20%.
  4. Eyelashes get stronger after illness or extension.
  5. Your eyes will become more beautiful, brighter and more expressive.

These are not just promises, the results were obtained as a result of numerous tests and scientific research.

The same result is achieved by using a similar drug for eyelash extension “Carelash”.

Famous American fashion models, actresses and singers use the expensive Carelash analogue, but there is practically no difference between them. Most successful, beautiful and wealthy women have in their cosmetic bag a good similar preparation for the growth of eyelashes “Careprost”, which effectively helps to grow long and thick eyelashes, as well as beautiful eyebrows at home.

Order you, your first bottle with Careprost and be amazed at the results of growing! Careprost – even faster and more effective than many other drugs! And the result is saved for a long time. This preparation is supplied for eyelashes / eyebrows as drops, so you can grow / grow eyelashes or eyebrows on your own at home. Careprost – a real revolution in home-grown eyelashes and eyebrows!

How to use Careprost?

Step 1. Preparation of the drug for use.

Before applying on the eyelashes of Careprost, it is necessary to clean the skin of the upper eyelids of cosmetics and other face preparations, it is also necessary to remove contact lenses. They can be worn again approximately 20-30 minutes after the use of this drug for eyelash growth.

Step 2. Preparation of the applicator for application.

You can apply the drug to the eyelashes using the factory applicator, which usually already comes with this Careprost. But you can buy any good applicator in a large store with cosmetics.

Step 3. Apply Careprost to the skin of the upper eyelids.

Carefully sweep the applicator along the base of the eyelashes on the upper eyelids, in the direction from the inside of the eyes to the outside. It is not necessary to apply Careprost on the eyelashes of the lower eyelids, since such application of a means for growing eyelashes can provoke too much hair growth, outside the desired places.

Step 4. We remove the excess solution of the drug.

After completion of the procedure, remove the excess drug with a napkin.

Attention! Some important information on the safe use of Careprost! In order to minimize the risk of possible eye contamination, do not touch the tips of bottles or applicators on dirty surfaces and things. In addition, you should not drip Careprost in the eyes! If accidentally dripped, rinse well with warm water.

In the instructions for Careprost, the manufacturer writes that theoretically a bright iris of the eyes can change its color after using the drug. But in reality, from this drug for eyelash growth, the color of the eyes did not change at all. After all, this can only potentially happen, but this is still necessarily written in the instructions for Careprost and other similar drugs.

After the 1st course of using the Careprost eyelash growth preparation and the complete cessation of applying this preparation to the eyelashes, your eyelashes will renew over time and return to their normal state. Nothing immediately falls out, the effect of “eyelash growth” lasts a long time! If you start using Careprost daily again, then your eyelashes will again begin to grow much more actively, they will become healthy, beautiful, thick and long.

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